Dispatch Services

Dry Van/Flatbed/Reefer/Step-Deck

  • 10+ Trucks – $125/truck/week
  • 5 to 9 Trucks – $175/truck/week
  • 1 to 4 Trucks – $225/truck/week

Power - Only

  • 10+ Trucks – $225/truck/week
  • 5 to 9 Trucks – $275/truck/week
  • 1 to 4 Trucks – $325/truck/week

Box Trucks/ Cargo Vans

  • 7% /truck/load

How We Help

With the highest industry standards, we offer dispatching services of the highest level along with extra associated services.

Extensive Experience And Asset Intensive

For 15 years, we have been an essential part of the US trucking community. We have our own fleet of trucks and currently service more than 200 trucks. We are knowledgeable about every facet of this industry and have practical experience in logistics.

Minority Owned

We Are Proudly Minority Owned

Independent Dispatch Services

Burbian Dispatch is a truck dispatch company that provides top-notch dispatch services for mid-large companies. So that you may focus on driving, our knowledgeable truck dispatchers connect you with the brokers directly. We are specializes in helping mid-large companies that need their cargo moved on time and on cadence. The best rates are negotiated by our truck dispatchers, who also let you know what modes of transportation are available. Our truck dispatch agents will assist you and make the final decision that is the best for you and your truck driver.

Our Relationships

It’s Not Just About Our Numbers, It’s About Our Achievements


Current Trucks

Our Pool Of Carriers Grow Daily, Making Us A No:1 Source For Dispatch Service And Capacity For Freight Shippers.


Dedicated Lanes

We Offer Consistent Dedicated Freight Across USA For Carrier Clients.


Shipper And Broker Relationships

We Possess Solid And Proven Relationships With Freight Shippers And Brokers In Multiple Commodity Industries.

Our Specialities







Benefits Of Dispatch Services

Growth Flexibility

Dedicated Dispatchers For Your Company.

Data Management

Experts, Experienced Dispatchers.

Dispatch Software

We Dispatch Drivers Through Our Mobile Phone App.

24/7 Operations

24*7*365 Days Dispatch Support.

Billing & Invoicing

End-To-End Paperwork Including Carrier Setup Etc…

Payless Earn More

Optimally Priced.

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Khattra and Sandhu Relation
Veer Singh

Flat rate dispatch, a dedicated dispatcher assigned to your drivers, and knowledgeable expertise in the industry has made Burbian Dispatch a perfect fit for my fleet.

Sandhu Trucking
Randeep Sandhu

Burbian Dispatch not only saves my operation money, but the team is available when my business needs them and they are sure to go beyond my needs to take care of me and my team.


Most Frequent Questions And Answers

I usually pay 5% per load for my trucks. Why should I pay a fixed rate of $225/truck?

Let’s say if you make $7000/week and your dispatcher charges 5% out of it. This amounts to around $350/Truck /week. In fixed rate model, we charge only $225 as flat rate –which saves you almost 35% in dispatching cost as compared to % model. Moreover, this ensures that you have a fixed expense for dispatch so that you can predict your budget.

How Will You Make Sure I Get Better Loads In The Fixed Rate Model?

We incentivize our dispatchers based on the RPM and Value of the Load / week. This ensures you get consistent high value loads, and fixed rate model is beneficial.

What Happens If My Driver Is Not Availableor My Truck Is Under Maintenance? Do I Still Need To Pay Fixed Fee?

No, the weekly rate will be paused if you inform us 2 days in advance. You can join back once you are back on road.

What Happens If I Forget To Inform You And I Don’t Take A Load For A Week ? Will You Keep On Charging My Card?

If you are not taking a load for more than a week, and even if you have not intimated us , we will take a written approval before charging your card.

Why Should I Pay $200/Truck One Time Fee Even After Paying Flat Rate Every Week ?

This is our administrative cost to set up the sign up the carrier with our preferred brokers/shippers, set up eachtruckfromeachcarrier into our systems such as TMS, Transflo, etc. and setup their back-office support such as phone number, email id etc.